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4 Weeks To Fabulous!

Would You Love To Be 5kg’s Lighter, Feeling Fantastic and Looking Great in Just 4 Weeks Time?

Introducing Our “4 Weeks To Fabulous” Program!


Sue Swann

"I have been attending boot camp at PEPT for about 10 months now, I lost a bit of weight at the beginning but then it stopped. I have always really loved going to boot camp and my fitness has improved dramatically I was getting frustrated with my weight. I tried a few different weight loss programs but it wasn’t until I signed up for ‘4 weeks to Fabulous’ with Jake that I started to see some real results. In the 4 weeks the program ran I lost 5 kg’s and have never felt better. With Jakes guidance I have totally changed my outlook on exercise and nutrition.
I found the use of the facebook group and the weekly webinars fantastic. The webinar was a great way to start the week, Jake’s strategies really hit home with me, they helped me maintain a positive attitude and to put in place my weekly action plan to follow, and the facebook group forced me to step up and take responsibility for my actions – it helped me stay above the line.
The support of the other group members was incredible, and Jake’s commitment to providing us with expert advice was phenomenal. Being able to read everyone else’s posts was fantastic, I think everyone in the group would agree that it was great to be able to get ideas from each other on what we were eating and we freely discussed our food and exercise with each other.
Jake, the fact that you were consistently giving each person in our group individual feedback on their daily nutrition and exercise is a testament to your commitment to helping us achieve our goals. I can’t thank you enough for the last four weeks."

Who is it for?

The 4 weeks to fabulous program is perfect for you if you want someone in your corner all the way keeping you accountable and pointing you in the right direction. It’s perfect for you if you’re willing to take direction and commit 100% to changing your body, mindset and life!

It is not for anyone looking for an easy solution and it is not for excuse makers…

How Does The Program Work?

There are two parts to the program – The first part is 4 live weekly webinars which will cover:

  • Setting goals that get achieved
  • How to overcome any hurdles that you’re facing
  • Setting your weekly action plan
  • How to tune your brain into the right frequency each and every day!
  • Overcoming your self limiting behaviours
  • Changing your mindset to not only become better but to become unstoppable!

The second part to the program is daily accountability. You’ll be given access to our private “4 Weeks to Fabulous” forum group where you will post up your daily food and exercise so our team of personal trainers can make sure you stay on track! Imagine being held accountable to what you’re doing each and every day – what kind of difference would that make to you?



Tracey James

"Hi Jake, well I want to say thanks, thanks for getting me up and moving again. I remember asking you if I could put it off for weeks while I waited for my skin graft to repair. You suggested it was more important to start while I was healing rather than wait 4 weeki. So happy that you encouraged me and glad I didn't wait. I'm 2.3kgs lighter but 100 feet taller and a million times happier. When my alarm goes off now I can't wait to get out of bed, knowing that something is in my plan for the day, something I can do with gusto. Something I know is going to give me a secret satisfied smile to throw at everyone, cos I know I've started my day the best way ever.
4 Weeks To Fabulous was enjoyable achieveable and fun. I love the accountability of confessing my diet every day, I enjoyed the encouragement from my fellow 4 Weeks To Fabulous peeps. I like hearing about their training efforts, their food ideas, seeing their dinners and snack in photos. This program let me think that I had my own personal training team 24/7 and I recommend it to anyone who's sitting on the ledge pondering their next move!
I hope to continue confessing my diet and planning my training with you for a lot longer yet!”

All together the webinars and the daily accountability would be worth well in excess of $300!

However as part of the 4 weeks to fabulous program you won’t even pay half that…

For just $197 you’ll get full access to the program that WILL change your life – all you have to do is be open to that possibility!

We are limited to 20 places on the program so to reserve yours you simply need to fill in your details below. You’ll get a call from us to make sure that you’re a good fit for the program and then we’ll start taking action straight away!

The four weeks will start as of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with our first webinar but as soon as you register you’ll be on the Facebook group changing your life straight away!


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