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 " 4 Weeks after starting my PEPT location I have 47 members at an average spend of $50 per week and it’s growing EVERY DAY! "


PEPT Owner/Director
Jacob McLuskie - Founder / COO
Hi, My name is Jacob Mcluskie. I’m the owner of Positive Existence Personal Training (PEPT).
My mission in life is to help as many people as humanly possible and I’ve figured out that the best way to do this is by helping other personal trainers become successful business owners each helping 100’s of people change their lives, creating jobs for other trainers and leading happy, fulfilled lives.
I’m not someone who’s going to sit back and tell you how to do something when I’m not even doing it myself. I’m someone with 7 bootcamp locations of my own, someone with my finger constantly on the pulse with what’s working and what needs to be changed. Someone you can trust to give you up to date real world advice, not something I watched on Youtube or saw someone else doing which may or may not work.
What I’m looking for are personal trainers or people interested in owning a fitness business without all of the stress and hassle of starting out from scratch with no idea. Someone to work with side by side to help you build a strong and successful business.
We don’t just give you a logo and a website and leave the rest up to you. As part of our support you get coached by ME through any road blocks you’re having in your business and you’ve always got someone to call if you have a question on how something is to work.

Join the blue army and focus on the things that matter most:

  • Delivering great sessions
  • Signing new members
  • Changing lives!

We take care of your admin and paperwork, have all of your awesome workouts done for you and tested and tweaked over years of trial and error, we’ve already developed all of the systems you require to get started and get profitable and we even do your marketing for you!

That’s not to say you won’t have to put in some hard yards yourself but it is to say that I can give you the fast track to success. See Simon’s story below to see what I mean! If you like the sound of what I’ve just spoken about then all you need to do is register your interest below and we’ll have a chat to see if it’s a good fit. Looking forward to hearing from you.





"Hi I'm Simon,

I chose to work with Jake and PEPT because I didn't want to spend years trying to figure out how to do something when someone was willing and able to show me. We 3 years into starting Rocky and it is our biggest PEPT location and contining you grow rapidly! If I was doing it myself I'd be lucky to have a few mates in the park and probably be stressing about what to do! Until now I have never been a personal trainer before, I literally came straight out of my accreditation so it's great to leverage off an expert in the industry and not only do I benefit from that but all of my clients do as well! Prior to this I looked into getting some business coaching and starting from scratch - it turns out that was more expensive then getting my hands on a PEPT license, getting coached by Jake and having all the hard stuff done for me! All I focus on is helping new people get started, delivering great sessions and making sure everyone is happy! It's a great feeling to be able to help a whole heap of people without the stress of trying to reinvent the wheel. If you're thinking about it - don't! Just chat to Jake and go from there, I have now 3 locations successful locations around central queensland and I can say, it will be the best decision you ever made."

Simon Price
PEPT Central Queenlands / Life Coach





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